Monday, December 28, 2009

Five Christmases

Wednesday, Dec. 23, dinner with Krob at their house
Krob played hostess with the mostess, as they always do, with a Promelli's meatloaf and delicious Paula Dean potatoes, and plenty of vino. It was the perfect kickoff to the holiday.

Thursday, Dec. 24, Christmas Eve with Scott and my Mom
I had my first Christmas Eve, albeit for three people, and it turned out great, especially with the addition of my mom's famous potato casserole. I did not take a single picture of the spread, but it was delicious. And, combined with watching a home video of previous Christmases and a few birthdays, it made for the perfect evening. I am just sorry my sister and dad could not be there.

Friday, Dec. 25, Christmas Day with the Haseltons
Brunch with Scott's immediate family was delicious and simply lovely. We spent a good portion of the day there before succumbing to the ultimate desire of a nap at home.

Saturday, Dec. 26, Breakfast with Lauren and Scott
One of my dearest friends, Lauren, has to be busier than jet-setting celebrities with her softball playing and coaching schedules. It is simply amazing to be able to catch up with her when she's home for the holidays. She has been a friend of mine since 4th grade, and was even Scott's prom date before we started dating. She very lovingly let me pursue him in 11th grade when I asked :) We hit up the Sugar Shack in HB for some delicious monster burritos and hash browns.

Saturday, Dec. 26, Cousin Christmas Party
This annual tradition is not complete unless there is a rousing game of Catch Phrase, wine, cheese, and more wine. Good times had by all, 'nuff said. And this I actually took my camera out for.
Scott and I in our holiday best.

Scott, Abs, and Mark enjoying the pipe.

Hostess Audra and I, pre Catch Phrase when I had to make the controversial move to the boys' side.

Sunday, Dec. 27, Haselton Christmas Dinner-Extended Edition
Epic dinner number four featured prime rib, turkey, the famous potatoes (round 35 if you are counting) and many more munchies that have found their way to my belly. Let's just say Jillian and I had time together today and I was regretting every single bite. Almost.


Kelly said...

SO many Christmases! It all sounds delish! I hear ya, I too had a date with Jillian and I hated it.

Christi said...

wow!! looks like a lovely holiday!!