Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Traditions Old and New

This time of year is a one of reflection, family, friends, and optimism. People tend to be more giving, yet somehow a little scarier on the road. Not sure how that works out. Anyway, there are elements that take me back to my childhood Christmases and of course, look forward to years ahead with Scott. I decided it would be appropriate to share some of my favorite Christmas traditions of yesteryear and of course, some newbies.

1. Baking of course, specifically haystacks (quite literally the EASIEST goodie ever) and peanut butter balls with my mom growing up. It's my understanding these are popular, but I'll post the recipe too.

2. Making ornaments for my teachers in grade school, based on one that my mom made for hers and still hangs on my grandparents tree.

3. Waiting for my dad to get the video camera ready and my mom the coffee before my sister and I could go see what was beneath the tree. Let's not forget the several years that Katie was a baby and I was seven years older and the child just kept sleeping. That was torturous. Like she really had any idea about what was going on at 2 months or 14 months old! Oh, I digress.

4. A few years we made homemade pizza on Christmas Eve as a family, which was really great. Different toppings, low key at home, it was awesome.

5. The years that my mom and Kerri's mom conspired about Santa's presence. He left glitter all over our hearth, and also at Kerri's house, but additional boot prints really drove us wild. Ah, the magic of childhood.

6. Seeing as Scott and I have only had one Christmas so far married, our traditions are still developing. Last year, we popped open a bottle of Champagne at midnight which was quite special, and have exchanged ornaments a few years now.

7. Scott took some of his own family's traditions and incorporated them with us on Christmas morning by sprinkling candy around the gifts under the tree, which was really sweet.

8. Movies of course, are a staple this time of year. I can never get enough of Elf, Love Actually, and Family Man. I admit that I have never seen Christmas Vacation and have planned to tune in on Saturday night when it airs on AMC!

The holiday season is fun, filled with family and friends, and certainly good cheer. Let us not forget what it's all about and take time to enjoy it.

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Heather said...

Love Actually & Elf are our favorite Christmas movies too!