Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bridal Hair

KROB's wedding is quickly approaching and I am beyond excited for these two to tie the knot. Today, I went and had the final fitting for my bridesmaid dress and it is tres chic, though if you know Kerri, that is how she rolls. They will definitely have one stylish party between the two of them!

Now that the dress is nearly done, I need to figure out the hair situation. In the past few weddings as a bridesmaid I have worn my hair up, as it tends to lose any curl after 20 minutes, and I just feel it has better hold. I also realize that I have a thing for the side 'do. Not that we didn't already know I love the 80s.

Example A:
The Brownell Wedding
(Third from right) A side chignon was perfect for a harbor-side wedding where any curl I'd even achieve 3 minutes in, would last 5 minutes total. It was a win-win.

Example B
The Aceto Wedding
Second from left. Winery wedding, side chignon again, but slightly sassier with a deeper bang sweep and man-catchers (term copyright Tim Sampson). Style was inspired by Michelle Williams 2008 Oscar hair, when she wore the goldenrod gown and red lipstick.

So now I need to find something for my fine, thin, brown hair. I have endlessly Googled "Oscar Hair" and combinations of my favorite actresses but have come up empty so far. Perhaps a "do" is what I should avoid after all, and go with a more voluminous normal-day look instead. The dress is long, strapless, and lovely.

By the by, I did not create either of these styles. Professional girls who have talents beyond ponytail/all down/somehair up-somehair down did. Don't let me fool you into thinking I have hair and makeup talent.

Perhaps I'll just wake up inspired that day with an idea for a good look.

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