Monday, August 17, 2009

Surprising Sunday

On Sunday I played softball after a 12 year hiatus.

Ironically, I had watched A League of Their Own on Friday night, and actually missed the game. Scott has played on a recreational city team for a few years now with former high school classmates, and each week I go and watch. However, yesterday they were two players short (I have come to find out a certain Spaniard was a little hungover) and I was the only fan in attendance for their team, besides a mom. I was asked to come out of retirement and said of course, I didn't want these guys to lose out on playing the game.

Naturally, I had not dressed for the event expecting to play. Earlier I had gone to SCP in jeans and a t-shirt, mentally bashing myself for my lack of style, when it turns out it actually worked for the latter part of the day. Except the Rainbows. The mom, who was there to cheer on her son, had a pair of aqua, fold-up, Curves (as in the weight-loss club) slippers, something reminiscent of water booties. Of course I took her up on her offer to borrow, as they matched my aqua shirt quite nicely. I never felt cuter. Curses for leaving the camera at home. The ensemble was overwhelmingly terrible.

Long story short, I played catcher, and Scott ran up from first to cover a home a few times knowing I wasn't exactly prepared to be blocking 200 pound men from scoring. Of the three times I batted, I did hit the ball twice, struck out gloriously once, though never made it on base. I admit I prayed the ball would not come home as I do harbor fears of missing it, and having it bounce and knock out my front teeth. I can report everything is intact, my confidence slightly boosted, and if there was ever any doubt, I am glad I gave up the sport at 13 and decided to pursue dance instead. I make a far better performer on stage than dirt.

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