Friday, August 21, 2009

Eve of the Showers

This weekend I have three showers to attend. Sadly I cannot make it to one of the baby variety tomorrow as I am hosting KROB's bridal shower that I am so excited about. I really hope she enjoys how it all comes together, and of course as an event planner, I hope it all comes together as I've imagined it! Sunday, Ashley will celebrate her wedding shower (only 5 weeks to go!) and I'll be there to toast her as the future Mrs. Aceto...and bring her another 'honeymoon' surprise ;)

Last night I made one of the recipes for KROB's shower by Ina Garten and let me say, she must work at the speed of a Christmas elf. The prep time read 20 minutes and I think I was standing at the kitchen counter for a good hour and half. Just call me the Barefoot Slowpoke. Tonight I'll finish the rest of the food prep and then be up bright and early to set my oven to 375 to go forth and conquer. I think this is great practice for any future Thanksgivings I may host, which ideally, are a few years out still, seeing as we have about six chairs, two of which are meant for desks.

I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to weather and events. This weekend thunderstorms are predicted for SoCal. This unsettles me as a hostess because you want your day to have the sun shining and the birds singing. Perhaps it's my inner Snow White coming out.

I will have photos galore after this epic weekend, thanks to borrowing the new office camera to test it out, woo to that!

Cheers to a great weekend everyone!

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