Thursday, August 13, 2009

The List

Through various mentors in my life, I have been told a number of times how important it is to write a list of goals or dreams to try and achieve as we age. Starting the list the earlier the better is certainly ideal, much like retirement saving, so there is no good time like the present.

This is slightly off the cuff and will most likely be continued privately, but it makes for a good starting point.

1. To own my own home
2. To be a mom
3. Learn to sew
4. Take a 4 month trip to Europe
5. Experience Africa through Scott's eyes
6. Participate in more volunteer work
7. Enter a pie into the OC Fair baking contest
8. Learn how to play an instrument, even at a beginner level
9. See the south
10. Dance again

These can certainly change, but in the here and now as I enjoy my morning cup 'o joe, it seems like the start to a good list of challenges.


Ong said...

Ah, great idea, I still need to work on mine. I also like this one as a guide:

Erin said...

I enjoy that list, thank you for sharing!