Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturdays with Scott

In continuing to feature the original Haselton in this family, I bring you Saturdays with Scott. Not original, akin to Tuesdays with Morrie, and I'm addicted to alliteration. What can you do.

Like many couples, Scott and I have things in common that tie us together, yet also varied strengths that really set us apart. For one, Scott is a fiercely talented musician and I have yet to even attempt an instrument.

As a child, Scott played the piano. I think it was more of a non-sport extracurricular activity asked of him by his parents, and like any good/quasi-mischievous child, he obliged. Like many of us, we learn to appreciate things in life a little later, and realized what he missed in college, taking a class for several semesters, and even participated in performances. Additionally, he played at his cousin Audra's wedding, and is always up for a duet with Abbie, or an impromptu routine from me to Elton John's classic, "Tiny Dancer." Recently, as a belated birthday present, we purchased a digital keyboard for our third floor apartment (no baby grands coming up here!) and I can see how much of a stress reliever it is for him to play. I love hearing his melodies drifting through the house.

In junior high, he was part of the drumline with Rob, and Kerri and I were the loyalist of groupies (though this was all pre-dating, just fyi.) He played like the master I know he is, just a natural born mucisian, talented with a variety of instruments.

In high school, he would not continue with band, but would pick up the guitar as a hobby. After getting married, we now have a collection of three guitars, one being an acoustic that I gave him most recently for Christmas. Next to the piano, this is one of my favorite hear him play. What can I say-a guy, with a guitar, playing Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Bob Marley, and even the one original I "composed" one wine-induced night? I'm a sucker for that.

These talents, in terms of playing as well as reading music, floor me. Perhaps it is because I haven't put much time into trying, but his effortless success is truly inspiring. Coming from a non-musical family, this has been a lovely, unexpected surprise with marriage.

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