Monday, August 10, 2009

Deep Fried Goodness at the OC Fair

Friday night Scott and I went with our favorite double daters, KROB (yes, who now has a blog!) to the OC Fair, land of deep fried goodness.

Love a man in overalls...painted variety only, please.

Kerri and I wasted no time in satisfying our Hot Dog on a Stick cravings:

Yes, the real Hot Dog on a Stick actually has a booth at the fair. This dates back to our Main Place shopping dates, followed by a cookie at Paradise Bakery.
Kerri went with two cheese, I went for one of each.

The boys were looking for something with a little more fanfare, and a bratwurst fit their bill.

Naturally, after two corn/cheese dogs, we women needed more deep, fried, fatty food, and artichoke hearts were singing our names.

Really just looks like orange batter here, but those little buggers were tasty.

We spotted many an interesting animal, person, and food (chocolate covered bacon?) here. Even some old friends of KROB's made their way to the country floor stage in an entirely different persona they did not know existed. Perhaps the fair just brings it out of people!

And who could forget the finale of the evening, the Peking Acrobats from China! My pictures do not do their performance any justice, but my on my were they talented!

And but not least, the biggest steer in the USA, or so they claim.

PETA is not an ideal attendant for the fair.

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