Thursday, August 6, 2009

On Holiday

Top 10 concerning camping with the Haseltons:

10. Intense list games with Mark on the road trip up and back. If one does not know their favorites for a variety of categories, they will figure them out.

9. Great food. Each night a husband/wife team or Traci was in charge of dinner and I'd say we ate very well. Sprinkled with some of Sandy's scones and plenty of Chewy bars-we did not go hungry.

8. Epic games of Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase. It was a record breaking win for the girls, with a landslide victory of over 10 points!

7. Constant encouragement when fishing. That sport takes patience and man did it test mine.

6. Witnessing Scott catch the entire contents of each lake we visited. And seeing Traci work that fly-rod. Girl has skills. And Mark wade practically waist-deep into Grass Lake and see much success.

5. The weekend's theme: Twilight. So glad Amie caved in!

4. Mosquito bites-not as bad as I imagined they would be, especially with Scott as the barometer. My 25 were worth every moment.

3. One bathroom, seven people. I am so glad this trip occurred post-marriage!

2. Surprising myself with the my own strength and stamina when hiking 3.5 miles one way, uphill to Ruwau Lake. That 7 mile round-trip trek, with backpack, was intense, sweaty, and probably earned an extra line on my resume.

1. Scott and my first real vacation post honeymoon. Now on to the anniversary trip!