Saturday, August 15, 2009

Feeling like Christmas

In the next seven weeks I will have hosted, helped with, attended, or facilitated three bridal showers, one bachelorette party, two weddings, and my own anniversary trip. Holy moley Batman!

My office is full of gifts, decorations, plans, and other wedding-related paraphernalia, with the exception of one baby gift that I am sending with my mother-in-law as the event falls on the same day as the shower I am giving KROB. In the middle of wrapping prizes and gifts today on the floor, I could not help but feel like the holiday season, surrounded by paper, tape, scissors, bows, and cards. I am certainly not ready to think about that just yet!

This isn't everything because naturally I cannot reveal some items as the events have not happened just yet.

Things begin rolling next weekend and not stopping until September 27. I am overjoyed for my friends getting married, the arrival of a baby, and of course our anniversary trip to San Fran. Life is good, hectic, and I am enjoying the ride.

Confession: I do fear that I will show up for one wedding event with a brain and supplies for a different one. That gives me a good headache every now and then. The lists have finally been consolidated though from various receipts in my purse to one notebook. Whew!


Ashley Aceto said...

I for one am sooo grateful for all the help and support you have given! I can't wait for next weekend friend! P.S. Your office looks a little like my dining room... full of wedding stuff! I recognize a certain box in your girt pile too! ;)

Erin said...

It is my absolute pleasure! I love the hectic, craziness of it all. So worth it. And you just may be on the receiving end of that darling box again!