Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

We cheersed to our 11th Valentine's Day over a cheesy pizza (pun intended) from Cortina's.

(omg30minutestopurchaseanUNCOOKEDpizzaCortina's?Whattheheck?!?!Murphy'sLawatitsbest-IthinkI'mbeingsmartbynotorderingitcookedandnaturallyIwaittwiceaslongtohaveitmadeincorrectly. Aren'tthesejuststackedandreadytocook? Therewent40minutesofmylifeI'llnevergetback.) End rant.

Annoyed or not, it was great pizza. Even if the smoke alarm went off.

Holidays are also my favorite time to try new recipes, like yesterday's peppermint patties. Today it was chocolate souffles. Perhaps it's because the name is French that I believe it to be fancy and tres difficile. Not so much with these! And by Scott's rule of recipes, they are now Erin's Chocolate Hazelnut Souffles because I added one ingredient to make them my own-hazelnut liqueur in honor of our nutty moniker. Here's the recipe if you are so inclined to make the delightful dessert.

Pizza, wine, souffles...pretty darn good Monday if you ask me.

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ERIKA M. said...

That pizza looks great ! :)