Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where's the confetti?

When I paid off my student loan in 2009, I waited for a congratulatory letter in the mail. Something just to even file away saying those magic words: $0 balance.

When I completed payments on my Honda, I did receive the pink slip from my parents, who graciously more than helped me pay for that car, but still no congratulatory letter-not even to them, who really deserved it.

We paid off our honeymoon to Fiji a few months after the wedding and CapitalOne did not have anything in the mail besides my next statement.

Now, Scott's truck is paid off (exclusively by him) and still no letters with confetti or large type proclaiming "Congratulations! No more car payments for you!"

Scott very wisely responded with his rationale-why should there be praise for doing what you are supposed to do? Touche. But this type-A likes the positive reinforcement. I know companies have templates on top of templates of collections letters. I think someone needs to invest in the party letterhead. They have 30 years to work on it because I'll expect it when this house is paid off.


Kelly said...

I wondered the same thing when we paid off my student loan! Congrats to you!

Erin said...

And congrats to YOU! Such a good feeling. Virtual confetti to you!

Twinkle Toes said...

i want that confetti too my dear! scott is right, but w/ so many people not doing what you are supposed to do I think we deserve a pat on the back too! so high five, congrats, woo hoo and double fist pump. :)