Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Place to Dine

Scott and I rough it well.

We lived out of an ice chest for two weeks when we first moved into our house before we finally got a fridge.

We were without a microwave for 5 months. Not totally a hardship but it was quite inconvenient for a popcorn snack.

Dear me did we have a washer and dryer debacle. I realize many people don't have them in their home, but when you do, don't, do and then don't again, it's a roller coaster of laundry emotions.

Since we moved in we've also been without a dining table. The one we had in the apartment was not going to work in our little dine-in kitchen nook, and pretty much everything I found online was still too wide. My mother-in-law actually ended up having the perfect sized table that she found at an estate sale for $.75 years ago. It needed a little love having been through a few rainstorms outside, so my dad took it to spruce up. Unfortunately the little table was a too far beyond saving, so the family carpenter, a friend of my dad's from college, replicated the table for us, a gift from my parents for my birthday. Simply stated, we love it. He even added some great details the first table did not have. Thus, custom table for us!

It has the drop leaves on both sides so we can always shrink it to fit the space if needed. It still needs to be stained, probably a light brown, which I hope to accomplish in the coming weeks.

Here's a full view:
Bon appetite!

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Twinkle Toes said...

looks great! pics when it's stained please?

poor little antique table...R.I.P.