Sunday, February 20, 2011

Womp Womp Weekend

Well they can't all be fabulous.

I unsuccessfully tried to go to Ikea by myself, buy a dresser (two boxes) and then load them into the truck. Thank heavens two kind gentleman came to my rescue to help both with the box retrieving in the self-serve area and then again when it came time to loading. I also discovered you BYOB when checking out, so you don't have to throw a vase and ladle into your purse all while trying to wrangle a runaway shopping cart.

I loathe assembling furniture but am too cheap to spend 4 digits on the good stuff. You get what you pay for when you take a misstep and accidentally, albeit gingerly, step on a piece of particle board. Ugh, remedying a new dresser with decoupage was not high on my to-do list. Subsequently, it took me not one, not two, not three, but FOUR attempts to assembly the g-d thing. And it turns out it was right the first time. Like cooking, it's a good idea to read through the entire directions first. Scott save number 2 of the weekend.

When I wasn't wasting my life trying to assemble the dresser whose instructions REALLY need words or at least color illustrations, I was dumping the excess dinner from Saturday night down the drain. BAD MOVE. I blame the Ikea trip from hell. Clogged drain, clogged disposal, backed up sink, new leak under house. Goodbye Chicago in the spring. Scott save number one, and some supplementary advice from dad and my mother-in-law.

Last (I HOPE!), I rubbed my eyes in the shower, which I know better than to do (a trend this weekend it seems) and down one contact lens went. And naturally I should have placed my next 3 month order a week ago, so it's specs for the week. I have nothing against glasses but they never feel as strong as the lenses. Cue the violins at this point.

It can't all be terrible though. We inherited a table from my grandparents today which I'm enjoying as a pseudo-desk in the living room. Pardon the camera phone picture and quite distorted lamp light.

Added silver lining: it's a holiday tomorrow. Someone pour me a bourbon. Followed by a bourbon.

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Kelly said...

I had a very similar solo trip to ikea. Drinking is definitely required post ikea trip.