Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Season of Giving

Since it's the season of giving (giving to the tax man that is), I figured it would be nice to highlight some of the charities that I support throughout the year, as I believe in their respective missions in helping fight their own good fight. It's also another way of supporting my friends and family who are directly affected or related to the causes.

Invisible Children
: Scott went to Africa for a cumulative 5 months during two different summers to assist this NGO's database building and suffice to say it was a life changing experience for him. In their own words: "We are mobilizing a generation to capture the attention of the international community, and make a stand for justice in the wake of genocide." The organization has created a movement among the young, bringing attention to a crisis deserving US intervention.

Habitat for Humanity: Because everyone deserves a decent, affordable place to live. I had preconceived notions about Habitat until I sat in on one of their seminars and learned about the criteria required of recipients--these folks are on stringent when it comes to who can apply. When it comes to US builds, applicants must be US citizens, show a proven income, and take various classes before home ownership. My friend is currently in the process of crossing off one of her bucket list goals--going to Brazil to help build homes for families there and is raising money to finance expenses incurred to do so.* I hope to also participate in a build (closer to home) in the near future.

National MS Society: Because this disease, like pretty much all others, needs to be kicked to the curb. My friend's mom was diagnosed many years ago and I know how much it would mean to her and many others out there to see a cure if not progress made in understanding this disease more.

I know there are countless charities out there that are clamoring for funds, and I think it is important to identify those that you can either lend your time, talent, or treasure, because each of those aspects are highly needed.

*My very legal disclaimer: my friends do not know I am promoting their causes. I believe in them and what they are doing and hope that perhaps someone might be inclined to donate as well.

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