Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mother Nature is Menopausal

Mother Nature is a wild woman. Besides the heartbreaking disasters worldwide, she is being quite fickle with the weather in SoCal as of late. Some days it's winter, some days it's spring, some days it's a season not yet defined.

Last week: high 50s, rain, wind, battening down the hatches.

This week: sunshine, breezes, and today a high of 90.

What gives ma? I like it a moderate 75 with a slight breeze. I don't have a/c and my poorly-insulated plaster walls don't do well with extreme heat or cold...but mostly heat.

In other news, a second variety of my poppies are blooming and our renters have given notice. If you are quiet, clean, and by culture like taking your shoes off before entering the home and want to live in an adorable 1 bedroom/1 bath duplex, give me a ring.

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