Friday, March 18, 2011

8 days

It's been 8 days since my last visit to Target-a record in itself.

Last night I actually dreamed that I showed up, almost walked in thle automatic doors and then reminded myself I shouldn't be there. Naturally every shelf was completely alluring, but I turned away proud of my self-discipline.

People have really mocked my sacrifice for Lent. Perhaps it is a little unusual, but what's the difference with chocolate, soda, or wine? I know someone who even gave up Facebook. The point is to sacrifice something important in your life. We are not giving up food and water here, but many select indulgences. Who are we to judge? We aren't, that's the point.


John said...

So, are you going to Walmart instead?

Erin said...

Dear me NO! I understand in different parts of the country that is their store. Here, not so much. I making lists for Scott to go or finding items at Fresh & Easy.

andrea said...

Don't listen to those people. I think the purpose of Lent, is giving up something that is actually a sacrifice. A lot of people I come into contact with pick something easy just to say they did it. You, my friend, thought about it and picked something that will actually cause you to think twice, and be thankful that you have the means to shop at the wonderfulness that is Target.

I for one admire you!