Thursday, June 7, 2012


Life's been a whirlwind lately. Weeks are passing in a blur and I can see July already glaring at me down the barrel of a gun.

Some sewing projects of note:

A spa wrap for my mom's birthday and mother-in-law's Mother's Day gift. Felt like a third world sweatshop making two of the same thing. Assurance to both they were made with love though!
The other sewing project based on the highly popular Pinterest pin, for my sister-in-law Amie. Could be user error but I found the tutorial akin to Ikea directions.
I'm against eight-legged visitors.

Garden fresh roma tomatoes thanks to seedlings from Traci.

Came home to a mallard duck on the lawn next door that was posed perfectly for a photo until a rogue kid decided to use a giant jacaranda branch to "shoot" it and off it flew. Hard to see, but its in front of the third barrel topiary. We have squirrels, random raccoons, but this is the first duck.

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