Sunday, June 10, 2012


Be careful what you wish for you, you might just get it.

While house hunting, Scott and I fell in love with a sweet little place on Jacaranda Place, but due to the property being a short sale and the ever important aspect of timing, it was not to be ours (or anyone else's for another 18 months.)

Hopefully the new owners (who've done wonders to the lawn) don't mind this photo.

Then, we found our current home, bought it, and got a jacaranda along with it.

People who proclaim the love of the jacaranda clearly don't live beneath one. They are gorgeous trees. But messy, sap producing, bee-welcoming arbors as well.

The part my parents probably love is that we have one at the house I grew up in and I loved collecting the sticks that fell from it during the fall and winter. Today, that translates to Shop Vacing the flowers and little buggers off the walkway and sidewalk.

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