Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finding the silver lining

  • This is a real time post. Scott's been away at a conference in San Francisco and the commuter flight was delayed three times from it's original 10 p.m. arrival in Orange County to 1:30 a.m. at LAX. Awesome!
    • Silver lining: it's Friday night, no work tomorrow, and I'm catching FOX marathon episodes of 30 Rock followed by King of the Hill as I watch the clock not move until I pick him up. In LA.
  •  Oliver was borderline tolerant of our new kitty until I took her to the vet and she came back and (presumably) smelled like 17 other animals to him.
    • Silver lining: Lessons in patience and washcloth baths of water/vinegar to neutralize those smells and keep a happy home.
  • It was pretty hot today, but nowhere near the temps in other parts of the country.
    • Silver lining: the new kitty really likes keeping me cool by braiding my hair.
  • Unusual circumstances have brought out my inner Gran Tarino in dealings with people.
    •  Silver lining: that's not such a bad thing.
  •  Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing.
    • Silver lining: I planned a surprise massage for Scott and I on Sunday. Surprise! Sorry that this was at your expense Suri.

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