Sunday, June 17, 2012

Seasonal Friends

Sometimes there are characters on television that I connect with on such a level I have to remind myself that these are not real people--they are emotions and actions channelled through an actors.

After I tell myself that, I immediately forget it and think about how much I want to be friends with Liz Lemon/Tina Fey and Leslie Knope/Amy Poehler.

The problem is a constant struggle of who do I like more*. When the seasons are in full swing, Leslie Knope takes it by a landslide. How can you argue with the woman's insane love of waffles? And the relationship with Ron Mother-effin Swanson?

The Liz Lemon character practically parallels Knope in the food department (junk food addict) and coworker chemistry department (Jack Mother-effin Donaghy.) Currently, I've broken my cardinal rule of rereading a book in less than year when I picked up Bossypants last week and have been cry-snort-laughing in bed each night.

The rationale, one might argue, is that Tina Fey is real and Leslie Knope is a faux Assistant Director of the Parks and Recreation Department. (But her spirit is SO SO real!)

Thus, Amy Poehler needs to take a note from Tina and Kris Jenner and hop on the memoir train to settle this quarterly debate. It really boils down to whom I'd invite to my yet to be planned dinner in the Hamptons with Ina. 

First world problem, I realize.

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