Saturday, June 2, 2012

Scott's Bougie Birthday-Part I

My main squeeze was surprised for his birthday weekend festivities, by not a party bus, but a fancy dinner at The Hobbit in Orange.

Pretty much the best dinner of my life, from the nearly four hour experience to the actual food courses. Delicious.

Our menu for the evening.
Inside the wine cellar for Champagne and appetizers.

The hors d'oeuvres-steak tar tar, artichoke spread, pate, other delicious bites. AMAZING. 
Almost took the plate home.
Honey glazed duck breast with marinated forest mushrooms over frisee and madeira cherry sauce.
No photos of the scallop due to its fast departure from my plate. Oops.

Chervil and goat cheese filled golden ravioli with mache and a peach balsamic vinegar. AND the crispiest pancetta ever. OMG. 
My main course, the halibut with garlic ginger rice and spring onion beurre blanc. 

Scott's entree, filet mignon with fois gras (mixed feelings on that) with potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and cherry tomatoes.

Grand finale-molten chocolate cake with  rum creme anglais, berries, and a birthday truffles on the side. Only thing missing was hearing and seeing the Disneyland fireworks.
 Happy birthday Scott! The weekend is only just beginning!


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