Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturdays with Scott

Someone in my life has missed this weekly "column" that died a few months ago. So, I will try my best to bring it back, though I still think there should be more guest blogging happening on a newlywed blog! Hint, hint.

Today was day one of apartment packup for our big move. We ended up sealing somewhere between 19 and 23 boxes, though I must admit packing and storing stuff and hauling it down three flights of stairs is much easier than the first time around, when we were moving things against gravity, up three flights of stairs. Lesson learned-live on the first level if at all possible-or look into the property having elevators.

At the end of this day, albeit productive, a finale bbq is in order. This is where Scott comes in. Of course I can barbecue, but I don't have the natural skill this guy does.

At a family dinner, his parents once asked me where I had my favorite steak. Without even thinking twice, I proclaimed Scott's steaks as the best ever. Mind you I have had the opportunity and pleasure to dine at several four-star restaurants around Orange County too. The bar is high I can assure you.

I have since learned a man can harbor a great deal of anxiety regarding his grilling, so much that even having his parents over was stress inducing. Truly though, his marinades, attention to the meat on the grill, and general TLC, keeps me a happy steak-loving wife.

Scott, you are a master at that grill. You top Mr. Stox any day.

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Twinkle Toes said...

our family takes meat seriously....well, make that all food.