Friday, April 16, 2010


At one time of my life, I looked forward to Friday for the powerhouse ABC lineup that was Family Matters, Full House, Step by Step, and a fourth program that was never that interesting, hence the late time slot. Pizza with the family and Urkel, sometimes that weird Dinosaurs show (what on earth WAS that?) and my favorite, Full House.

I counted down the weeks until each new season, where we would get to see the opening credits and what DJ and Stephanie were up to. My favorite episode was when Danny turned into a stage dad and pushes Stephanie to excel in her dance class, ultimately stressing her out at the big Motown Philly dance performance. I tried to find a YouTube of the video but instead came across a surplus of stange dance montages of Stephanie dancing throughout the seasons. Complete with Karaoke-style soundtracks. That was an experience in YouTube's weirdos.

One year for an elementary school talent show, I taped that episode, memorized it, and taught it to my friends for the big performance. I believe we wore shortalls, keds, and matching hats. Yeah, epic fashion sense!

Anyhoo, after that mad tangent, these days, Fridays are simply filled with unlimited optimism. The beginning of a glorious two days off, a glass of wine at the end of the night, and simply, relaxation.

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Kelly said...

Fridays rocked back then!