Friday, April 2, 2010

Little Loos

I'd like to have a word with the architects who design public bathrooms. Oftentimes, those stalls are built for one dimensional people, with the distance from toilet to stall door. I am an open germaphobe, and prefer to make a quick exit, which is very hard to do.

My perfected method, The Flush and Run, is best illustrated as a dance move. One must stretch the right leg to the flusher and use the left hand on the door clasp. On the count of two, flush, and three, click open, for a speedy exit, to avoid any debris particles that may escape the lidless public loos.

There are many potential flaws in this method, such as wearing flip flops, which could fall off into the toilet, and of course, simply being exposed to the swirling flush as one narrowly escapes.

It's the best remedy I have if the handicapped stall is unavailable, or just an average-person sized stall.

I know space is an issue with the amount of stall, but seriously, can a girl get a few feet?

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