Friday, January 1, 2010


As 2010 is ushered in today, I can't help but think about impending events, such as my high school reunion that is now only two years away. Many people do not look forward to such events but I loved high school. I miss the proms and Homecomings, football games, and of course dance team.

I am interested to see how high school reunions evolve in a time where most people have reconnected on social media sites-albeit the online world, it's still a peak into their lives. This does not replace meeting up with your peers, but I would guess a low key affair at a wine bar is more appropriate versus a black tie hotel reception.

Though I am not quite sure how it would be structured, I've always like the idea of combining years for a reunion-perhaps inviting those who graduated the year above and below for further reconnecting. I have a distinct memory of signing up to be on this planning committee and I am looking forward to the day I hear from our class president and rep, Barbie and Katie!

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