Saturday, January 30, 2010

Busiest Week Ever

I have never been a girl who goes out every night, staying up later, only to get up the next morning, go to work and complete the process again and again day in and day out. Maybe those girls do not exist-the ones who work 10 hours a day and play the remaining available left at night. Even if I were not married I know this would still be the case. I just don't have that 24 hour energy. Perhaps it just comes down to priorities-I'd rather spend my time at home, exercising, making dinner and just relaxing.

This week I reached my capacity. Work was intense due to a 300-person event on Friday, and each night either a personal commitment or work event was also required. I love my friends that I get to spend time with over dinner, it simply is a reminder that we are adults and its the only time available to get together.

Weeks like this also remind me how precious time is. Cramming errands into my lunch hour (when I can manage to take it) and visits to my grandmother who is in assisted living, as well as spend time at night with that guy Scott.

In any event, at least it makes the weekends extra good.

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