Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fantasy Land

I have often written about my love for the Harry Potter series and how its story is entirely enriching and captivating. When I read books in a series, I find that my mind becomes quite in tune with the thematic and prominent elements. Example-lately, my ears, eyes, and other senses are rather sharpened due to my completion of the Twilight series for a second time. After reading Emily Giffin's chic lit, I can't help but notice babies galore.

My point is this: I am slightly embarrassed to admit that in any given conversation or experience, I internally relate events to and actions to Harry Potter. Dork to the extreme I know. Now before you think I would attend conventions or even try and make it to their Hogwarts theme park, let me explain. Reading those books...wait for it..8 times (!) has really sunk into the depths of my hippocampus. (I have really loved that word since 9th grade biology and really don't get to use it too often.)

Anyway, I try to refrain from actually verbalizing these thoughts, though some have been privy to hearing them, if I know I won't be publicly ostracized. The major culprits are spells (yes, I just lost any cool points if I had them to begin with). Think about it, how easy would it be to open a door with a simple Alohamora? Truly though, I wish Accio worked, for the many times I leave my chapstick in the bedroom and don't want to go retrieve it. Scott's been lucky enough to hear that one.

Because the books chronicle such a significant amount of time, I can't help relate Harry's adventures to my own (perhaps minus the Dark Art villain-slaying.) I know its weird. And I am kind of going out on a limb here putting it in the blogging world, but I think it's because Rowling did such an amazing job of detailing the lives and personalities of Ron, Hermione, and Harry. Though their fantasy world is in no way similar to my real one, readers can relate to the anguish, triumph, friendship, love, and teenage struggles. I can't wait to have my own kids read this series one day and fall in love with those characters.

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