Thursday, January 7, 2010

I've Been Summoned

Six days shy of turning 26, I received my first jury summons. Ever.

I have been waiting for its arrival since my 18th birthday, and they have taken a while to find me. I have friends who've been called numerous times, and I sit back and think about the important role and I suppose a sort of civically virtuous job, a la 12 Angry Men.

I understand this is a romanticized view of a fairly crappy day to be spent, but at least I'll finally see how it operates and likely play a good mental game of "makeover the public."

Gosh I love 30 Rock.

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Anonymous said...

I love that episode of 30 Rock...It's seriously hysterical!

I also seriously hope that your day of jury duty goes swimmingly. Because god knows we don't need MORE jaded people in the jury pool...

That pool would include myself. LOL. So long story short--I found myself on a civil trial in 2004 involving the company that was to become and a few of their shareholders. It was the most torturous three months of my life. I went into a a depression of sorts. I had just started my job three months prior...and then was forced to go to court four days a week...and work once.

And in the end, it was a draw. Everyone involved in the case was disgusting in their own right. It was complicated, and something no standard citizen should have ever been involved in.

I'm all about civic duty when it comes to crimes. Murder, rape, yeah. Because it's the public safety that's being protected. But having to listen to these douchebag millionaires with their rich, high-powered lawyers for three months seriously almost sent me over the edge.

I've served longer on a trial than most people will serve jury duty for their entire lives...And I've already had to go back again!

I feel like they have a target on my back now. LOL. It completely freaks me out, and I feel like if I have to appear in a courtroom ever again, I might lose my mind?

ANYWAY. I might feel differently if it was a case that I felt compelled to take part in. So I'm hoping for your sake that that happens :)

Also--I love that you update so often. I need to take a cue :)

Love, Jen (from the big SL)