Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Visit to Oz

Today we visited the coolest park I've ever been to--and I say that as a mom and as a former Parks and Recreation Commissioner. I read about Watkins Regional Park in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and the magical spot that it was, and since today was surprisingly pleasant weather-wise, it was perfect for an impromptu trip at about 30 minutes away.

As I understand it, the playground was recently redone and replaced with a Wizard of Oz themed one, and no detail went undone-a yellow brick road leads you into the park under a rainbow, Auntie Em's house, Toto's house, the Emerald City, Munchkinland--all present. While Henry has never seen the movie to understand the play structures and relevance, he was very quick to thank me for taking him to such a cool park. So, kid and parent approved!

The park is quite large and includes camping, a Nature Center, farm, mini golf, carousel, and train ride--we will definitely be returning to enjoy the other features of the park soon!

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