Monday, July 24, 2017

A Day at the Goat Farm

This weekend we had the pleasure of driving out to one of Scott's colleagues' family goat farm in Strasburg, Virginia, about an hour and half away through rolling green hills and picturesque farms.

To put it mildly, Henry had a fantastic time following the goats, feeding the goats, nearly being eaten by the goats, and finding a stray little kitten that the family has adopted, Stripes. Josephine was passed around like the cute little potato she is and enjoyed all of the attention showered upon her.

The event was a BBQ but sadly the party had to turn indoors during the cooking and eating time, as a massive thunderstorm and downpour rolled in. But the 20 degree temperature drop was amazing!

This family was so hospitable to invite us along with the rest of Scott's team. Selfishly, it was great to finally meet so many of Scott's colleagues and see the few I have met, again. I think the only negative was that we left before Henry could hold a baby goat. Another time!

Thanks to Scott's colleague Joni for the amazing pictures of us that were clearly not taken by me!

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