Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Jazz in the Woods

When we made our recon trip out here last September, during our drive to and from the Dulles airport, I remember seeing signs for Wolf Trap in Vienna, Virginia, and honestly thought it was a wolf preserve-and I blame the overwhelming feeling of a huge move across the country and being eight months pregnant for those thoughts. Fast forward nine months and I've come to learn it's a beautiful National Park that features A-list performances for children and adults. And, wouldn't you know that my former classmate is a super talented children's singer and musician who is touring out here played there today. Obviously, I bought tickets for the occasion and we met up with some friends to enjoy the morning show.

And Wolf Trap? Wow, talk about an amazing venue. The children's theatre is literally called Theatre in the Woods because, well it is, and you get to pass a rippling stream, green hills, and a canopy forest to get there. I'd love to sneak away for an adult performance while we are here if we can-it's much like the Hollywood Bowl in that you can picnic with food and adult beverages. Cheers to that!

Any parents reading this, check out Jazzy Ash and the Leaping Lizards. I do love me some Moana on repeat but Ash and her band sing old favorites spun with New Orleans jazz flair and new tunes as well. She's awesome with the kids and frankly, way cuter and more entertaining than Freddy Spaghetti or Raffy ;)

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