Sunday, October 28, 2012

Virtual Yard Signs

We are less than two weeks away from the election and this year I've gone very public with some of my votes. I wouldn't stick my neck out publicly (this includes Internet ads people) if I did not wholeheartedly believe in candidates or issues with the utmost conviction.

I'm far more engaged on a local level than I am with the presidential race. I will always vote for the Commander in Chief but my state has that already decided no matter my choice. And, local issues reach me quicker than national mandates.

Turns out, four years into marriage, I've come to the point in my personal politics where I want to put signs in the yard. Also, turns out my husband has declared we are a "no sign in the yard" family. Blerg. Good thing I have this blog that has influence on the interwebs (hah!) and where I am the supreme and only author. I will concede that if we had signs in our yard, they certainly wouldn't blend well with my Halloween decor. I may still hand out buttons with my Reese's.

With that, I give you my very public virtual yard sign ballot. It does not encompass all, I will still vote on everything else, this is just what I am passionately in favor of:

I loved volunteering for this campaign. It was my first time knocking on doors with flyers and holding a Happy Hour meet and greet in a candidates' honor. At the end of the day, even if it does not go how I'd like, she's run a great and clean campaign.
Yep, that's my face. Find it on every website near you in Fullerton. There's also a commercial running on local Time Warner stations.
I just Googled a picture of a Ron Paul yard sign. A guy really does have one in my neighborhood, but that's a cute girl and she supports my write-in vote.
See you at the polls November 6!

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