Sunday, October 7, 2012

Peru-Day 6

We woke at 6 am, likely due to our recent schedule of early rising. I had not slept well, worrying about Scott´s health, and wondering about getting him some antibiotics at his mom´s suggestion, for if the illness was indeed due to the bites. We breakfasted in the hotel, and he took it easy during the early morning, taking a bath for the body aches while I went to the local lavanderia to see about our stinky clothes. For 48 soles or $24, I´ll have 15 kilos of laundry done by noon today, as I write this post, finally catching up on the past 6 days.

Though we cancelled our half day tour, I am grateful Scott can rest and it is on a day that doesn´t include any travel or excursions. I have some guilt for spending so much time in the business office writing these posts, but I forgot (again) to buy a travel journal so I want to record as much as I can so as not to forget.

I am very proud of the fact that a staff member at our hotel said I spoke Spanish very well. HAH! I think I just sound good saying it and do it with confidence, as my actual knowledge is very limited to common phrases and greetings. Even still, it was a huge compliment. I feel badly being in a foreign land and not able to communicate effectively, as it feels slightly irresponsible and hypocritical. But, I am making an effort and the subtitles on the English tv stations help reinforce, as well as the Spanish saturation the past 4 days hiking.

As the day wore on and Scott felt better, I successfully picked up our clean laundry and we explored Cusco on our own midday.

I read "The Language of Flowers" that day. Solid book for a hotel selection.

It was raining lightly and cool outside, so we made our way back to the hotel so Scott could tackle a work emergency and I could enjoy one of the hotels book in their library with some tea. We called an early bird dinner having skipped lunch, and dined on a Peruvian club sandwich (theirs includes fried egg) and chicken soup.

We spent the remainder of the evening resting, reading, watching E!, and rearranging my luggage into Scott's and our two backpacks, due to the broken zipper, again, ready for an early departure to the airport to begin our journey to the Galapagos.

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