Sunday, October 7, 2012

Peru-Day 7/Quito-Day 1

We left Cusco at 7, bound for the airport. The president of Mexico was to arrive the same day, so there was no parking of vehicles and high security. We checked in quickly, and awaited our flight to Quito, Ecuador.

Upon arrival, we passed through immigration with a woman who would shine in a position at the DMV. Awaiting us at the exit gates was our guide and diver, Andrew, an exceedingly friendly man happy to assist our every need. He filled us in on Ecuadorian customs, one of which was no drinking on Sundays, a two-year-old presidential ruling due to too many hungover employees on Monday. Of course, it was Sunday.

Quito is probably best comparable to the quick changing neighborhoods of Los Angeles. One wrong turn and you're in Watts.

Granted our hotel was in a nice area, with a farmacia nearby. I could not shake the tension neck and headache so after checking in, we hit up the store to replenish out ibuprofen supply and decided to dine at the hotel restaurant for dinner.

Our hotel was only suites, so our room was more like a loft on the 8th floor. In theory, great, but there were plenty of negatives that I'll post on Trip Advisor.

Andrew had said a light drink, like beer or wine, was permissible with a meal. So our hopes were high that we could enjoy a glass with our meal. Not so according to the server. Of course we respected the local traditions and had water in a wine glass. The food itself was not memorable.

Ugly sad face due to our lack of vino. And a really lame bartender, exiting stage left.

Baked brie. We enjoyed until the middle turned out to be cold still. Didn't both me, but Scott was underwhelmed.
Upon leaving for our room, a small group of people had gathered in the bar, drinking. Beers, wines, cocktails. I politely asked how they were able to obtain the prohibited drinks and was met with a look of confusion-they had no problems ordering. It felt like selective prohibition. The bartender spoke virtually no English so after a made game of gestures and angry face making, we were granted one drink each, with a big fat index finger reinforcement. We'd never worked so hard for a glass of wine and beer before.

The wine mended some of my aches and after a bath and more E! Emmy red carpet coverage reruns, we slept, to be ready for our 630 pick up to the airport, which would take is to the Galapagos Islands.

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