Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday Night Lights

We relived the glory days last night at our high school's 50th anniversary homecoming game at good old Glover Stadium.

In honor of the occasion, the current ASB asked all previous homecoming queens and kings back to be part of the halftime show. So, with Scott and Kerri as my dates we went, sat in the VIP section with about 20 other royals, some more recent than others, and watched the show unfold.

As nice as it was to be asked back to stand on the field with fellow alumni, I was ashamed at how under-dressed I was for the occasion. But, my rationale remains--it was a football game and I was not the star of the show. Also, directions were unclear, so I am actually glad I was not one of the women who received a phone call instructing them to wear a formal dress and crown. I may have been one of only two in jeans, but again, it was a football game and not my day to be the star.

Going back to Loara brings back such great memories, especially on that field with the dance team. It's a shame that the team no longer exists, and hasn't for a number of years, but a reminder that times do change. and, that I need to convert the camcorder dance videos to DVD so I can truly have a binge reliving the glory days.
Photo credits to Kerri!
Quite honestly the best part of the night was coincidentally meeting up after the game with Kerri's parents Dave and Kelli, and their/our friends Bill and Kartha, also alums, downtown. Made for a very fun and lively Friday evening, though Rob was definitely missed!

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