Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dining Room Chairs Redux-update

UPDATE-"before" photos found! We waited an hour and half for dinner on New Year's Eve so it was the perfect time to delete all of the 2010 photos that had already been uploaded to my computer...or so I thought. I KNEW these were on there, just stuffed between baby showers and Halloween. The one with the cushions attached was deleted in my feverish routine but you can still see them on the ground to the right.

Detail shot:
I think it gives the "after" a bit more impact.

Well I can't find my before picture so that makes this post severely lack impact. Therefore, I'll call upon my best storytelling skills.

Imagine a dingy beige chair with an equally dingy ecru seat cushion. Imagine scoring the 4 chairs for $50 on CraigsList and then taking a month to do the transformation. In reality it can obviously be done faster, but we didn't have a dining table to set them with, so no immediate rush.

And voila! The after:
Yeah, it does not have impact without the before. C'est la vie.

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