Friday, January 7, 2011

I hate "The Bachelor."

Never had I watched an episode of "The Bachelor" until this week. Never again will I watch an episode in the future. It's not even getting a hyperlink because it deserves zero publicity. Though I do realize I'm writing about it. Thankfully I don't know how my SEO ranks for ABC shows.

OH MY GOD who are these women?

I could just be missing the boat here, but do women love this show because it is a hot mess? Or do they really believe these bachelors are looking for a chance at fame meaningful relationship? Dear me I hope it's not that because what is there to like about a guy who a) gets to be with a dozen moderately attractive to good looking women b) has to find his best side for the camera c) is snogging a dozen different women andtheyknowaboutit!!!

It's madness.

I can't wrap my brain around it. Perhaps everyone just has their own train wreck show. I can't get enough of a Toddlers & Tiaras and for others its that gawd awful Jersey Shore.

The thing about The Bachelor is that I see my contemporaries practically graveling to be chosen in a competition for wife. There is nothing rational about that last sentence which is exactly why I am baffled and watched the show with exclamation marks above my head.

These women are disillusioned if they really believe true love is coming from a television show with an outline, if not a script, and beyond realistic "dates" that are more like showcase showdown prizes. Of course sky diving in Costa Rica after swimming with dolphins in your en suite pool is going to be fun--but it's not realistic. Sorry ladies, once the cameras are off and you have been "proposed" to (which is laughable in itself), it's back to Friday night brews at the dive bar--AND THAT'S OK! But, these women are suddenly accustomed to the posh ABC-funded Hollywood Hills loft, jet setting dates, and a man with a Photoshopped sparkle in his smile.

Perhaps I'm harsh and perhaps I am assuming. Either way, I find nothing remotely redeeming about this show. Clearly women love it and watch it or it wouldn't have been on the past 800 years. However, this is the beauty of a blog, I get to air my grievances with tv programming and they continue to budget for a 10 month wedding for tv's latest enamored "it" couple.

What happened to good old fashioned man meeting at baseball games, church, happy hour, or desk sharing in ASB?


Twinkle Toes said...

This is one of the reasons marriages don't last and people can't commit to a relationship because they are waiting for something that isn't real. Real is when you have to work and grow together and it can be sucky hard! But so much more rewarding. In truth I did watch this show one season because my friend's sister was on it and she made it to the final four. But not being too conservative, she didn't make the cut. Also she did the show as an actress trying to make it. Another actress friend used to do dating game shows all time for the same reason....

Mrs. Miller said...

Haha. I chuckled at this post. I don't particularily like the bachelor either. I said there is something wrong if the girls are okay with one guy kissing all 30 of them. lol. Found you from the newlyweds next door. You commented on todays post about perfumes and I agree.. bath and body works is still in! :) It's easy to splash on when you are running out the door!

Erin said...

Hello there! Yes, B&BW is a classic! Can't help but love the ease of their classic scents :)