Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Doing this birthday post really tells me I need to get to my parents' house and scan my childhood photos so I don't have to use the same picture every year.

I was stoked at 4 years old with my Ducktales party and of course, upon receiving Webby. My parents even surprised me with my preschool teacher, Miss Beauxay (no idea how to spell, it was pronounced Boo-ay) at the shindig. Subsequently, they also tried to set her up with my uncle. Who knew 4th birthdays had moments?

I am going out to lunch with my dear friend Courtney and tonight I'm making a Greek-inspired dinner with my husband and bff complete with baklava and of course cake balls from my favorite bakery, Patty's Cakes. Feels like the perfect way to greet this new year, which is feeling ridiculously far from 20 and all too near to 30.

My wish list 6 months ago was central a/c. Funny how all I want now is a vent in our bedroom, which is both the hottest and coldest room of the house, respectively, but mostly so we don't have to use 3 quilts to sleep comfortably. I know Scott went to South Coast Plaza last night, so methinks no a/c is coming but I am still secretly hoping he'll finish our wedding wall. Scott please note I actually did write "he" as in no implied "we" because I just want it done and I'm hoping you will do it :)

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John said...

Happy Birthday, e.e. !!

and your mention of "Webbie" I certainly remember your attachment to her...