Monday, December 27, 2010

30 by 30

I will turn 30 in January of 2014. That gives me nearly 3 years to make a go at this benchmark birthday list. Note to self-no excuses.

1. Learn to sew...something. And then practice it to further the skill.
2. Landscape the backyard.
3. Take an epic trip.
4. Go to the Getty.
5. Find my perfect shade of red lipstick.
6. Do a daring activity. Possibly sky diving.
7. Find an exercise activity beyond walking and do it regularly not sporadically.
8. Visit the south.
9. Go to Napa.
10. Find some coveralls and take a tour of the space under our house. The attic and I are already acquainted.
11. Find my favorite bottle of wine. Not just the cheap stuff.
12. Make a fabulous four course dinner.

13-30 have not been defined, but then again I have the next 3 years to figure them out.

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