Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vacuums, Sewing, and Quail Eggs

After another work week ended yesterday, I found myself at home ready to test out my new vacuum. I can count a few other girlfriends of my own who would probably be as excited as I was-and it's five star rating lived up to the hype.

I cannot afford the magical Dyson but have been lurking on a lot these days for various products and found this guy:
Overstock wanted $135 plus taxes and shipping (only $2.95) for a refurbished model. But it was my lucky day on Tuesday when I walked through the Motherland aka Target and found it on sale for $160-about the same cost it would end up being with taxes and it's NEW. Technically it wasn't on sale anymore as the staff hadn't pulled the tag down but I took it up to the cash register with me and asked if they'd honor it, and sure enough they did.

After vacuuming my new rug and bedroom on Friday night (amazing job!) I brought out the beginner's sewing kit (the $2.95 purchase that I originally went into Target for on Tuesday. Oh well-we needed a vacuum-I was tired of going to my parents' to borrow theirs the past 6 months.) My mom will realize what a revelation it is that I actually attempted to sew. And I also realize how elementary button sewing is, but I made a mental block that I could not do it. So, I Googled a YouTube video that made it rather easy. Took about 4 times to watch some sections, but I think I did a good job. If I want to make Halloween costumes for my kids I better get beyond rhinestones (my poor future boys) and mastering buttons.

Scott had finally made it home by then, while I had vacuumed, Swiffered, sewed three buttons, washed dishes, took a cat nap, and made it halfway through "Big, " it was high time for dinner! I have been craving sushi as of late so we rode our bikes to a sushi bar that comes highly recommended and enjoyed some excellent fare. The finale? Well, first came the green tea ice cream that we were given because it took so long for these to arrive:

Bottom's up!

I've since learned that quail egg shooters are on the list of 100 things to eat before you die. Glad to only have 99 left.

Our evening ended with "3 Ninjas" for old times sake, but that was pretty terrible, followed by "Bolt" but I was too tired and went to bed. And I really don't know why I thought Rocky was so cute. If I could pick again, it would be Colt all the way.


Mrs. ummmmmm......Brownell said...

I just bought a new vaccuum a few weeks ago and have LITERALLY been vaccuuming everyday. SO EXCITING! :)

Twinkle Toes said...

when i got my orek i was sure it would change my life....not really, but vaccuming is easier :) getting excited about this kind of stuff is a sign of age you know.