Sunday, August 1, 2010

Craig's List Protocol

I stalk Craig's List religiously these days, trying to save on furniture that I don't need to be brand new-specifically a coffee table. There are tons on there, that have been left over from 1981 and just don't suit my style. And I somewhat lack the eye to see the pieces that might be gems with sanding, refinishing, and new staining. I also lack that time. Thus, I want something that might just need a good cleaning.

To this day, I've purchased our current sofa and loveseat set, purchased and sold our dining room table and chairs, and sold an RV parking framework that wasn't even mine. As I see it, there is a protocol during the purchase/sale process that must be followed. Most people I've communicated with are good about it, others could take note. I hope they are just first timers and will figure it out by perhaps Googling and this little post comes up :)

1. First to respond is first in line, understanding they can get there in a reasonable amount of time. Assuming you have a great item that might be highly sought after, simply explain to the inquirers about their place in line.

Ex: I found a coffee table I loved yesterday, emailed the guy, and was told someone else was coming to see it and he'd let me know if they declined. A few hours later, he still followed up to let me know it had been purchased-so thoughtful.

2. Don't be mad if you item doesn't sell right away. Sometimes you have to repost if you don't get any bites, and sometimes it just doesn't fit or isn't worth its value.

Ex: We went to see a coffee table in person yesterday and let's just say it did not match the pictures. Uneven wobbly legs, warped top, scratches---it wasn't worth the $55 they wanted. I politely let the seller that I was going to pass, and she was offended and wanted to know my reasons. Well lady, I wouldn't buy it for $20--the value was just not there. Move on, someone may want to put the elbow grease into making it theirs.

This post is coming from a place of frustration. I don't have a good conclusion. My issue is simply this-don't say something is available, rearrange your day to see it, and then reveal that the first person to inquire is already coming...when I was assuming I was that person. Lame.

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