Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gina Getting Married

My younger cousin Gina was married yesterday to her beau Chris in a beautiful wedding by the sea. She is leaving for Oklahoma soon to start her new life out there while he is in the Air Force and will certainly be missed!

My aunt, mother of the bride, looking stunning. And the back of my dad's head.

The groom and his crew waiting for his lady's arrival. And the back of my sister's head.

My cousin Lisa, the maid of honor, looking lovely.

Here comes the bride!

You may now kiss the bride!
Sidenote: I always wonder if that's awkward for the officiants. They are right in their space bubble.

Angelina and I-almost exactly 18 years between us to the day. January babies with freckles. Go fig.


Congratulations to Chris and Gina-we wish you your own happily ever after!

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