Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hollywood Bowl

For our second anniversary-cotton-I gifted Scott with this:

The cotton part being the napkins of course.

Along with the basket were tickets to the Hollywood Bowl to see the LA Philharmonic play Elgar, Wagner, and Beethoven. Now, Scott is the music afficionado. I've written about that before. I enjoy listening to classical pieces but generally keep my radio set to rock, country, or even NPR as of late. But sitting in the benches listening to these musical stylings was AH-MAZE-ING.

Perhaps it was the open amphitheater where enjoying your wine and other libations is encouraged. I made us pepornata roast beef sandwiches---YUM, brought some chips, semi-homemade chocolate chip cookies, and good ol' 3 Blind Moose cab.

The view from a dying Droid:

Glorious, even as far back as we were. The sound-well like everyone says, simply perfect no matter where your seat.

Like Scott's, Beethoven's 7th symphony was my favorite piece for the evening. As many before me have rightly proclaimed, that man was a genius.

I feel like one of the last people to enjoy the Hollywood Bowl in Southern California, but if anyone reading this has never been, absolutely go. It's remarkable.

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