Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tasks Completed, by Scott

What we've been doing the past 8 weeks, compiled by Scott:
  • New carpet (rental)
  • New washer and dryers (2)-one purchased by us for rental, one gifted to us by my parents (thanks again!)
  • New laminate flooring (us!)
  • New paint for bedroom (rental) and office (us)
  • New tile on service porch (rental)
  • New paint for service porch (rental)
  • New herb garden (us)
  • New flower garden (us)
  • New central heat and ducting (rental)
  • Tenants! (rental, obviously)
  • Fixed door bell (us-we were on the same circuit as the neighbors. Thank goodness they don't have teenagers who lock themselves out at 2 a.m.)
  • Fixed front door frame (did we Scott?)
  • Fixed fence door from dragging (rental)
  • Reviving backyard grass (us, see King of the Hill)

In process:
  • Painting living room (us)
  • Painting hearth (us)
  • TV wall mount
Next on Wish List (if I could only pick one)
  • Remove layers of vinyl tiles in kitchen and service porch, replace with tile, in our kitchen

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