Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spam is funny when you take the time to read it.


Do you want a pleasant future, double in money, and the praise of all? YES! You read my mind!

Today only:
We can assist with Diplomas from prestigious universities based on your present knowledge and work experience. Why is diplomas capitalized?I think my university was quite prestigious thankyouverymuch.

Get a Degree in 4 weeks with our program! Again, what's with the random caps? And I think the only degree you can have in four weeks is womanhood.

~Our program will help ALL with professional experience get a 100% verified Degree:


Kerri any thoughts on a four week PhD? I know some people who are kicking themselves for 7 year BA programs...

- Just think about it...
- You can realize YOUR Dreams! What is my "Dream"??? If it's to rid the world of spammers, where do I start?
- Live a better life by earning or upgrading your degree.

This is a splendid way to make a right move and receive your due benefits... if you are qualified but are lacking that piece of paper. Get one from us in a fraction of the time. I don't think I am due any benefits and again, this can't be ok. Dateline is just a minute away from exposing you!

Call us 24 hours to start improving your life! When I am up at 2 a.m. trying to figure out my Dream I will.


[insert phone number-these people aren't getting a lick of "business" from me!]

You must leave us a message with your phone number with country code if outside USA and name and we will contact you as soon as possible. Yeah, I bet you will.

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