Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wedding Trends That Need to RIP

Let me say this before I get on any soap box--I do not mean to offend anyone, as we all have our own opinions, and the list appearing below is just my own idea of what has run its course in the wedding world. Somebody had to put an end to flower crowns in the 80s, right?

Weddings are trendy. It is a truth that many women may want to ignore, but generally, most weddings this decade all have similar elements, just as those did in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Why reinvent the wheel? I understand it. Wedding blogs and websites have never been so popular these days, and with the onset of social media and the surplus of crazies in this world, there are some broads that try to steal other people's weddings. Now that is just plain bizarre, but I digress.

I think most women tend to take elements from other weddings and file them away because we plan them since we're old enough to realize the Best Day Ever comes with a pouffy white dress. I did it. I remember thinking Kelly Kapowski's wedding dress from the Las Vegas made for tv movie of "Saved by the Bell" would be mine. By the time you are of marrying age, you have an entire collection of weddings ideas from the past decade...that may or may not be appropriate.

As I mentioned in my professional disclaimer, there are some trends that need to be put to rest. We are past the mid-point for 2010 and I think it's time to start branching into new territory, and flexing our creative muscles.

Again, sorry if I offend you. These things have just run their course. What do I know anyway?
  • Bridesmaids wearing flip flops. I don't even find this ok on the beach. Let them go barefoot. They'd walk on coals for you (theoretically, why not put them up to challenge?) It's a wedding, a time to look your best, and Old Navy thongs paired with a J. Crew dress that they spent $150 bucks to wear once, lacks the formality. Sure, you can have a casual wedding, but thongs=casual. Thongs=beach while wearing bathing suit or footwear for running errands. Shoes polish and outfit and frankly will be worn more than the dress (yes, it's true, get over it) and you won't hate your pictures later. I am not advocating for heels here either-find a nice pair of flat sandals (hello, Steve Madden) but not a rainbow sherbert of Old Navy footwear.
  • Candy bars/buffets. Somewhere 3,000,000 people are gasping. They have had their heyday. I can appreciate them from a planner's perspective when they have colored elements to tie in the wedding, but otherwise, it's just a tired trend people are coming to expect.
  • Favors. Maybe if someone starts handing out Andrew Jacksons in bow ties I'll renig this one, but through my earlier life as a wedding coordinator, I can't tell you how many of these were left at the end of a wedding and thrown away. Would you really want a shotglass etched with a picture of two random people? Splurge on enhancing your food or keep your DJ longer. Or here's a shocking idea-SAVE IT.
Like I said, these are just trends I'd like to see reinvented as we move into 2011. I hope the one person reading this that wore flip flops, enjoyed her candy buffet, and handed out monogrammed toothbrushes doesn't lash out at me.


Kelly said...

I agree, on all three points. I understand people want to be comfortable but why not flats?!

Anonymous said...

you are amazing! i agree to all 3 items. I have to send you pictures from one of my bride's weddings last weekend... it is straight out of "the wedding singer"! all i can say is omg!