Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Thoughts on Potter

As anyone who has seen the post below this, you can identify me as a self-proclaimed Potter-Head. I have read the series six times, yes six times, consecutively, with the exception of the 7th, which I will read on its own out of sheer literary love.

You can bet I bought my tickets to the July 15 midnight showing a week in advance and did a countdown each day. Also note that I drove past the theater on my way home from work at 5:30, then drove back again at 7:30 inspecting crowd size, finally beginning to hold our place in line, at 8:30. I have waited in line longer than 3.5 hours. Last November for our first tv, Scott did it across the way at Best Buy. I am no stranger to sidewalk-derriere. But I digress, or mostly want you to read through that veiled claim at my dedication.

I was ready for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. What I was not ready for was feeling like a lost reader hung out to dry. I don’t want to list a litany of spoilers for those who have any desire to see the movie, other than point out they are only spoilers for those who read the books. Don’t expect to see truth. Don’t expect to see accurate representations of stories, accounts, and accusations, though there will be scrambled, notable one-liners. Don’t imagine to witness two of the most described, envisioned, and emotional scenes on screen. And don’t look forward to Hagrid, who makes a brief two appearances in the movie, and that’s including full camera and focus time on screen.

Look forward to your next reading of the story and slip back into your own imagination. I can only hope that production seeks a new director next time otherwise your theatres won’t be full of Hogwarts’ greatest fans.

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