Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Therapy Couch

Blogging gives me a chance to air my grievances with the world at large. Let me crawl up on my therapy couch and let loose upon the online world.

1) Why do people answer their phones just to tell you "I'm busy, can you call me back?" or "I'm with a client, now is not a good time."

Umm, did you just forget the last 20 seconds-you answered your phone. I can leave you a perfectly good voicemail and you may call me back at your leisure. I promise, that's fine.

2) Closely related to #1...Why do people whom I don't interact with regularly, call me and simply say "Hi Erin, it's Bob."

Note to population-there are many Bobs in the world. Not just you. Let alone Rob, Robert, Bobby, and Bobby Joe. It is a courtesy to identify yourself and the company you're with. Give me some context people. Try as I might to know everyone, I will be able to focus on what you're telling me rather than racking my brain simultaneously to figure out which Bob you are.

3) For the love of Father Time, please don't talk to just to hear your own voice. Take a note from Gwen and the boys, and simply, "Don't Speak."

My hour is up kiddos. Until next time, may you find the glass half full, as I do every other hour of the day except therapy time!

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