Friday, July 3, 2009

Wish List

I hope I am not alone in having secret wish lists year round of things that I would love to buy, though at this time I feel slightly guilty coveting things when people are out of work and struggling to make ends meet. I can't necessarily justify spending the money to buy these things nor necessarily afford all of them, but sometimes it helps by putting things on paper (or HTML) to really understand if they are just wants or actually needs. If anything else, maybe in a few months I can help stimulate the economy myself!

1. A Schwinn Cruiser, preferably in a super sweet color like eggplant or aqua
2. An organized workspace
This would entail a new desk, shelves, drawers with files, etc.
Note: I am pretty traditional in my design needs-a roadie box turned into a desk is not my style, I just got lazy searching on Google images for something and this one kept popping up.

3. A dresser/chest of drawers and someone to decorate my current home and future home. I am not talented in this area!
I definitely don't need a $1700 dresser either, imposters are fine. Al's Woodcraft anyone?

4. A new camera
I have loved my CanonPowershot that has been all over the world, literally. Twice to Africa and London with Scott, and New York, Boston, and Fiji with the two of us. He is old, tired, and a little fatigued.
Sadly, he is ready for retirement after a good 6 years serving.

5. To meet Stacy London and Clinton Kelly and go on a shopping spree!
I am pretty sure they'd be open to me as a friend!

This list is always subject to additions and subtractions (though at this time I am thinking more of the former.) That bike is definitely number one for me!

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